Why our children wear uniforms?

Few aspects of academy life rouse as much heated discussion as uniforms. Many arguments are put forward for and against the wearing of uniforms. Each school/academy has its own uniform policy or dress code.

This will normally be set out in the academy’s documents. The academy Governors decide uniform policy. They must consider the impact this has on parents and pupils, for example, cost.

Parents should raise any complaints they have about uniform with the Governing Body of their academy. It is the Principal’s job to make sure that pupils follow the agreed rules on clothing.

Some points in favour of wearing a uniform:

    • A uniform helps identify non students and trespassers, in the corridor and on academy grounds and allows easy recognition of Ocker Hill pupils on an academy trip.
    • Stops children worrying over what to wear every day. Everyone is equal in the academy.
    • Saves money and is cost effective whilst giving a sense of pride, belonging and discipline.
    • Reduces conflict in the morning.
    • Reduces chances of bullying.
    • Reduces peer pressure.
    • Helps ensure appropriate clothing is worn.
    • Most schools/academies have rules regarding jewellery. These are usually issues surrounding health and safety (long earrings catching on equipment etc.) These rules also help reduce the risk of theft.


BODY PIERCINGS ARE NOT ALLOWED AND ARE ILLEGAL FOR CHILDREN UNDER 16. APPROPRIATE AGENCIES, INCLUDING SOCIAL SERVICES, WILL BE CONTACTED IF YOUR CHILD COMES TO THE ACADEMY WITH A BODY PIERCING. For earrings please wait until the Summer Holidays if you are allowing your child to have their ears pierced to allow the ears to heal before they return to the academy.

We have two uniform providers who are:

First Choice Schoolwear Specialists
26 Union Street, Wednesbury, WS10 7HD (next to O’Connells fruit and veg store)
0121 505 7100

Tesco online ordering has now closed. You can still order using their MyClothing link
Click on School Embroidery in the kids menu and look for Ocker Hill Academy.

We do not hold uniform stock at the academy.

The lost property box is always full of uniform items and we cannot pass it back as they are not named. If your child loses an item of clothing please ask to look in lost property and please put your child’s name in all items of clothing.

Uniform Policy