Please do not keep your child from attending our academy:

  • To go on holiday
  • To go shopping
  • To visit relatives
  • Because the weather is bad
  • Because you got up late
  • Because they have a medical appointment in the morning and you think it’s not worth coming back for the afternoon; or they have a medical appointment in the afternoon and you don’t think it’s worth bringing them in the morning.
  • You should only keep your child from the academy if they are genuinely too ill to attend.
  • We must establish the reason for your child’s absence before we can authorise it. If we can’t establish a valid reason with you, or your child’s attendance is below what we deem an acceptable level, then we will leave the absence as unauthorised.
  • The academy does work in conjunction with the Attendance and Prosecutions Officer to actively monitor the attendance of your child and you will be notified immediately if we have any concerns with the attendance of your child. We may request a meeting, in the presence of the Officer, to discuss a plan of action to address poor attendance. It must be noted that poor attendance of your child is subject to prosecution.
  • Remember your child cannot learn if they are not in the academy!!!!!

Good attendance is rewarded annually both on an individual and class basis. Remember if your child is ‘Missing Academy time… they are Missing Out!’

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