Literacy – Year 5

Literacy Targets 

Every term, children are set a target to work on in both literacy and numeracy with the aim to help support the learning they do in class. Children are given a choice of their targets and are to complete a range of activities both inside and outside of the classroom.

Targets can range from focussing on a particular spelling rule, looking at an aspect of punctuation (e.g. the rules governing direct speech and the use of inverted commas) to structuring a text effectively.

Below are some links that the children may find helpful in understanding, working and achieving their targets (Some also have links to games they can play to test their knowledge) (Options for reading, writing and spelling & grammar) (variety of games to help with grammar, reading and writing) (words & spellings, grammar, punctuation and writing) (options to look at punctuation, writing, spelling and grammar, stories and poetry too)

Enjoy and happy learning!


Targets for Autumn term

  1. To use speech punctuation
  2. To improve vocabulary
  3.  To understand prefixes and suffixes
  4. To write accurate sentences using question and exclamation marks.
  5.  To use complex sentences accurately


Here are some videos the children made which may help you in your learning:

A short guide on how to use inverted commas