Our Values

Ocker Hill Academy is committed to provide for the area of Tipton in Sandwell, a centre of quality education:

  • A centre with active links across the whole community.
  • A vibrant learning centre for the whole community.
  • An environment which is valued, supported and encouraged by ALL, fostering mutual respect.

This will be achieved through a close working partnership between ourselves, pupils, parents, the wider community and the Local Authority.

All governors, teachers, ancillary staff, support staff and parents who work in the academy, are committed to the following values of:

  • Excellence in education.
  • Recognising the contribution of everyone.
  • Promoting the extensive education of each child.
  • To ensure equal opportunities for all.

In order to deliver these values, Ocker Hill Academy has focused on five goals:

  • To make the children’s education relevant, purposeful, broad and balanced.
  • To maintain a safe, caring environment.
  • To aim for high levels of parental satisfaction for the service provided.
  • To use human resources efficiently.
  • To use financial resources efficiently.